"I Believe!" with Timothy Standish | #GCSession 2022

08 Jun 2022

While the Bible is the best-selling and most widely distributed book of all time, many critics question its validity.

Why should we believe the Bible? When it comes to the Word of God, there is much discussion over what gives adequate proof for some of the incredible happenings reported. It's a dispute between the Bible and science, but Believers have a strong defense. God's Word is true and serves as a measure against which all theories are evaluated. What are true stays true regardless of our thoughts or beliefs, or who finds and reveals it.
Listen in as Tim Standish expresses his firm belief in the Gospel and the authority of the Bible. We, too, may deepen our confidence in the Bible's authenticity as he encourages us to do so in his message titled "I Believe!"

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been an established denomination since 1863. It is a global Christian family with over 21 million members who hold the Bible as the ultimate authority. We are believers who promise to help people understand the Bible and find freedom, healing, and hope in Jesus.

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