"Shameless Audacity" with Dwight Nelson | #GCSession 2022

07 Jun 2022

Don’t you wish we had a YouTube video clip of Jesus praying? In Luke Chapter 11, in response to His disciples asking Him to teach them to pray, Jesus gave them the Lord’s Prayer. Immediately after this, He continues to teach them the lesson of persistent prayer.
What would happen if we petitioned God for the Holy Spirit daily? What if we were daily baptized with the Holy Spirit? How different would our lives look? Given the tragic shape our world is in this morning, isn’t it high time God’s people display some of this “shameless audacity” Jesus calls for?
Listen in as Pastor Dwight Nelson encourages us to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit, not just during special occasions, but as a regular practice in his message titled, “Shameless Audacity.”

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