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Fiji Mission Strategic Plan: 2021 - 2025

Published 19 Mar 2022 Epeli Saukuru

Strategic Planning is the process that is dynamic and continues during the life cycle of the document. In this regard this 2021-2025 Strategic Plan document is our initial and baseline document which establishes the direction for the Church based on what we know today—We assessed both where we are and where we wish to go. The strategic plan gives us a place to record our mission, vision, and values, as well as our long-term goals and the action plans we will use to achieve them. A well-written strategic plan can play a pivotal role in the Church’s growth and success because it informs us how best to respond to opportunities using our strengths and mitigate those challenges, exposures and risks.

The document you have in your hand is the product of Fiji-wide consultation, meetings, discussions and exchange of ideas across the network of members over the last several years. It is informed by these views and has been prepared to respond to the realities on the ground and the dream that, with cooperation and a sense of unity together with the blessings of the Holy Spirit. The Fiji Mission will rise to meet the challenges of a fast evolving Mission field.

At the same time, the Strategic Plan is a living document and allows the flexibility to change and respond to the varying and dynamic circumstances and new realities encountered during its tenure.

The Church is continually paying attention and gathering data and information on developments and changing circumstances which will be used to make decisions on whether to amend and/or realign the direction and focus our goals, objectives, action plans and activities, should they be necessary.

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