2022 GC Session Runs With the Theme “Jesus Is Coming! Get Involved!”; and other world news

27 Jun 2022

First in the News: Adventist Youth in St. Louis, Got Involved! While the General Conference Session 2022 is happening, Adventist Youth made a difference in the lives of the homeless and needy of St. Louis. Led by Pastor Dejan Stojkovic, they reached out and gave help and pieces of literature to the streets. They answered God’s call and Got Involved!

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) commemorated the World Refugee Sabbath on June 18, 2022. ADRA joined the United Nations and communities around the world in raising awareness of the global refugee crisis. It paid tribute to the plight of millions of families, women, children, and others who have been displaced by war, violence, persecution, and human rights abuse.

John 10:10 Project Launched a short film “Fantastic Fireflies” which highlights God’s amazing wisdom and creative power manifested in the firefly’s natural ability to give light. In a world filled with living wonders, fireflies rank among the most fascinating and unique of them all. A firefly's spectacular light shows not only demonstrates vivid evidence of intelligent design but also kindles a deep sense of reverence and awe for the creative power of God.